E.B.A. Café
  24 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Picasso Express


Kellogg Eye Center

“Where Every Sandwich is a Work of Art”

Based on our reputation for service, quality, cleanliness and management style we were awarded the service contract for the 9000 square foot cafeteria in the Domino Farms Office Park; the only “Class-A” office complex in Ann Arbor. The E.B.A. Café consists of 5 different stations that provide a variety of choices for the consumer.

The Continental Station that serves bagels, breakfast pastries, coffees and teas in the morning. Picasso Sandwich Works is known for its extensive, unique and tasteful sandwiches on premium breads as well as an assortment of wrapped sandwiches for the carb-conscious customer. We also have the Grill Station, which serves a variety of breakfast items in the morning and grill items in the afternoon. The

Salad Bar which is filled with a variety of healthy and fresh choices and the Exhibition Station which serves home style meals such as pot roast, turkey dinner, Chicken Marsala, and other various ethnic themed meals.

E.B.A. Café Monthly Calendar